effects of carbon and chromium on microstructure evolution

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Effects of chromium and carbon content on microstructure

Apr 01, 2018 · TiC (36 wt%) reinforced steel matrix composites were prepared by the powder metallurgy method in this paper and the effects of chromium content and total carbon content on the microstructure and properties of the composites were investigated. It is found that the sintering temperature decreases with the increase of the chromium content. Effect of Cr and C on microstructure evolution of medium Aug 01, 2019 · The aim of the present study was to investigate the effect of chromium and carbon in medium carbon steels on the microstructure evolution during FSW process and their mechanical property. The materials are dynamically recrystallized in austenite during FSW followed by phase transformation from austenite to ferrite, pearlite, bainite, and martensite. In the case of 0.2%C, the (PDF) The Effect of Chromium on Microstructure The Effect of Chromium on Microstructure Development During Q-P Process Dynamic carbon partitioning from the martensite to austenite during cooling and RA stabilization was achieved by adding Effects of chromium on the microstructure and hot Feb 16, 2020 · It is well-known that the surface quality of the niobium microalloy profiled billet directly affects the comprehensive mechanical properties of the H-beam. The effects of chromium on the / phase transformation and high-temperature mechanical properties of Nb-microalloyed steel were studied by Gleeble tensile and high-temperature in-situ > observation experiments. The effect of microstructure evolution on the mechanical Jun 01, 2017 · The evolution of the microstructure and its effect on mechanical properties of a 10% Cr steel under long-term aging at 650 °C have been investigated. During short-term aging (<6000h), the reduction of room temperature hardness and yield strength are mainly caused by the decline of dislocation density. Effects of ultrasonic surface rolling processing on However, most engineering wear-resistant materials are multi-phase alloys, such as high-carbon high-chromium (HCHCr) steels that a large number of primary and secondary carbides are dispersed in the matrix due to their high carbon and high chromium content [, , ]. Studies have shown that the microstructure evolution of multi-phase materials Effect of Cr/C Ratio on Microstructure and Corrosion Dec 17, 2015 · The present study focuses on the effect of different Cr/C ratios on the microstructure, microhardness, and corrosion resistance of Ni-based laser clad hardfacings, reinforced by in situ synthesized chromium carbide particles. Cr3C2-NiCr composites have been laser processed with graphite/Cr/Ni powder blends with varying Cr/C ratios. Following phase analysis (x-ray diffraction) and Hot compression deformation and microstructure evolution Jul 28, 2021 · In this work, a canning compression process was developed to perform hot compression deformation of high chromium cast iron (HCCI) on a Gleeble 3800 thermomechanical simulator at temperature of 9501150 °C and strain rate of 0.01 s1. The hot deformation behavior and microstructure evolution of HCCI were investigated. The mechanisms of carbide dissolution and The effect of chromium on the weldability and The effects of the addition of chromium on several properties of Fe3Al, including tensile strength and ductility, fracture behavior, and slip and dislocation characteristics, were studied. Effect of ammonia addition on microstructure and wear However, the microstructure evolution on high carbon chromium bearing steel during carbonitriding and the friction behavior of carbonitrided specimens are extremely meager and uncomprehensive. J. Osés et al. [18] studied the new duplex treatments on 100Cr6 bearing steel, mainly concerned on the properties of the surface through Shun Tokita - Google ScholarEffects of carbon and chromium on microstructure evolution and mechanical properties of friction stir weldment in medium-carbon steel C Cheng, K Kadoi, S Tokita, H Fujii, K Ushioda, H Inoue Materials Science and Engineering:A 762, 060 , 2019 The Effect of Microalloying on Mechanical Properties of Effect of isothermal treatment temperature in bainite region and Nb content on microstructure and mechanical properties of low-carbon (w(Mn) = l.38%, w(Si) = 0.6%, w(Al)=0.5%) TRIP (Transformation Effect of annealing temperature on the microstructure Effect of annealing temperature on the microstructure evolution, mechanical and wear behavior of NiCrWCCo HVOF-sprayed coatings followed by the heat treatment of NiCrCr 3 C 2 powder caused dissolution of the carbide particles and increased the carbon and chromium content in the Wang, H., and Stanciu, L.A.:Effects of

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